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I wish I could say I’m surprised…

February 11, 2009

but at least I get to be disgusted:

Ireland to refuse adoption rights for gay couples


For every good thing that happens…

January 28, 2009

During the skewed furore that was the media’s focus on race and gender during the 2008 American Presidential Election, I would often find myself listening to the usual pin-headed pundits as they bloviated over the shocking idea of two candidates who weren’t white and/or male, and I would think, “Dear god, if this is the kind of shit storm two creatures as rare and esoteric as a woman and a black man can expect to endure when they run for high office, how long will it be before an openly gay candidate can run without the press drumming on about their sexuality as though that was all that defined them as a person and a politician? Years? Decades?”

How about right fucking now?!

Isn’t that great?

But meanwhile, back in Prop 8 land…

Court says school can expel lesbians

Ay yi yi…